What Is Your Hair Type?

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What Is Your Hair Type?

Everyday you see people with all color and elegance of hair. But did you recognize that you simply have a hair type? Yes! Not all hair has been created an equivalent .

Lets start with the essential structure of hair:

1) Hair grows from the follicle, which is long and bulbous. If you were to tug out a strand of hair you’d see the bulge at the tip of the hair. The cells at the bottom of the follicle divide rapidly and is where you get your hair growth.

2) Each strand of hair consists of three layers, the primary being the innermost layer called the medulla. this is often only present though in thick hair though.

3) the center layer is understood because the cortex. This layer provides the strength, color and texture of your hair.

4) The outer most layer is named the cuticle and this is often what protects the cortex. it’s completely colorless.

5) the whole strand of hair is formed from a protein called keratin. which is hair!

There are 2 basic sorts of hair:

1) Terminal hair is that the hair that grows thick and long and is found on the top , armpits, bush face and chest. (Face and chest on men)

2) Vellus hair is soft short hair that you simply will find over the remainder of your body.

The type of hair you’ve got seems to possess to try to to with geography.

1) If you’re of Asian descent, then the hair strands are round and thicker than all other sorts of hair. With the exception of the red head who has the thickest hair of all.

2) If you’re of European descent with blonde or dark hair, then your hair strands are thinner. The strands are round to oval shaped.

3) If you’re of African descent, then the hair strands are flat which is that the reason for the frizziness and curl.

Its interesting to ascertain once you get a mixture of Asian genes with African genes or Caucasian with African. i’m a white girl with blonde, curly frizzy hair. My parents came from Holland where there’s a high concentration of individuals with African descent. So its not hard to ascertain where I got my hair type, which I personally love. Its a Hair Factor

So you’ll now find out why your hair is that the way it’s . you only got to do a touch of research into your genealogy and there you’ll have it.

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