Trichologist FAQs

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Trichologist FAQs

What Is The Origin Of The Word Trichologist?

The word Trichologist originated in Greece. Trikhos is that the Greek word sense hair.

What Is A Trichologist?

A Trichologist may be a hair stylist that’s trained to acknowledge the symptoms and treat problems associated with the hair and scalp. These problems include Psoriasis, hair loss, Alopecia, baldness

What Does A Trichologist Do?

A Trichologist is quite sort of a hair detective. within the initial consultation, a Trichologist will ask tons of questions. Answering honestly will only aid within the treatment of hair loss making things sound better than they really are can only cause misdiagnoses.

The Trichologist will first invite a case history . this is often important because if the bald gene is within the case history it can help the Trichologist find the simplest thanks to treat the hair loss sufferer. He will ask what a daily day consists of, what your nutritional habits are, what sort of medications you’re taking, he also will ask if you’re allergic to any medications, and what your lifestyle is like. this is often done to work out what your stress level is. this will play an enormous part in hair loss.

You will even be asked what your hair care routine is, then an examination of your scalp are going to be performed. If the Trichologist feels it’s necessary, a hair analysis are going to be done. this is often completely painless.

It will appear to be an awful lot of questions, but to the Trichologist, is all considerably needed to form the right diagnosis.

A Trichologist treats quite just hair loss. He or she treats scalp and hair problems which will cause hair loss also . This person will devise a hair care decide to keep your hair luxurious and healthy.

Often, the Trichologist can diagnose hair and scalp problems at the time of the initial consultation and treatment options are then discussed at that point .

When it involves actual hair loss, the Trichologist will refer you to your medical care physician for blood work. this may determine if there are any illnesses that have gone unchecked. The Trichologist offers options for hair loss when the biopsy results are given.

A Trichologist isn’t a medical doctor, and can’t order blood tests themselves therefore the last step may be a necessary one.

How am i able to Find A Trichologist?

Trichology remains in its fairly new the planet . Although it originated within the uk in 1902, it slowly made its way across the planet . There aren’t yet any laws that govern Trichology, therefore anyone who can read a book can call themselves a Trichologist. Since there are not any medical diagnosis’ given, or medications prescribed, it’s not a criminal offense .

Experts advise extreme caution. People affected by hair loss are extremely vulnerable, and since anyone can call himself or herself a Trichologist there are many confidence man out there willing to require advantage.

To find an honest Trichologist, do an easy Google look for hair salons or associations within the state during which you reside . Either of those methods will offer you information and telephone numbers of reputable Trichologists in your area. Experts also advise to invite references of past clients. If they were proud of the results, it’ll cause you to feel far more comfortable .

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